Fun in the snow

It was a really cold day today and there's still some snow on a ski slope near me but it's high time to say goodbye to winter.

A few words of introduction: I need to update my spreadsheet but last year was very doll-less for me. I don't think I bought any new dolls apart from Barbie Basics. This is mainly due to lack of money but also because of losing interest in (Mattel's) dolls. I just don't like current playlines anymore.
The beginning of this year brought some new dolls for me. In February I got 3 new Fashionistas with extra clothes for a promo price. Couldn't resist them. Raquelle with pale skin tone and a new headmold, a very cute Summer and an articulated Ryan (bending wrists finally).

So here they are pictured when playing in the snow outside.

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Spring Time

First Spring Flowers

Still alive. :) Still into toys. Still into dolls. Currently more into LEGO than dolls. Eagerly waiting for sun and warmer days. Because sun means more optimistic days and I need some optimism :)
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I can't believe it's been exactly a year and a day since I last updated this journal.

Some people believe that the first day of the new year shows what your entire year is going to be like. So I decided to post today to make sure I write at least a few new posts during the 2012. I would make it a New Year's resolution but I know I don't keep any of them ;)

Anyway, Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you a happy & healthy year ahead ♥

It's amazing that even though I stopped posting I'm still in touch with some lovely people that I've met here, on LJ. Thank you so much for remembering about me, and thank you for all the birthday wishes. You've no idea how happy you make me. Photobucket
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Barbie Birthday Cake

My birthday cake ;)

It's "Barbie Princess Cheesecake" from Delecta and despite its look it's not poisonous ;)

That's how it looks on the box:

You may cut Barbie from the box, put her in the cake and that's how it's supposed to look then:

May look a little scary but it's fun and quite tasty :)
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Halloween party

I don't celebrate Halloween, we don't have this tradition, but my dolls do :)
I guess they're American after all and besides they can do whatever they want as long as they clean afterward ;)

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My dolls had a very nice surprise yesterday, they found the pics from the party on the web! I sent the first pics of my kitschy diorama to my friend and she posted them on her website. It's a very good and professional website about dolls and my dolls don't deserve to be there. It's in Polish only so far but you can admire all the wonderful pics of her collection. You'll also find the pics from my anniversary Barbie party there :)

1/6 Lonely Night

babyloni_ya is very busy with her doll exhibition and has no time for LJ so I hope she doesn't mind that I post about it here.

1/6 Lonely Night is her exhibition showing various fashion dolls, often not available in Japan, wearing her handmade and other outfits. Here's a cute poster.
She's such a lovely person, we write to each other outside LJ too, I wish I could be in Tokyo to see it all...

Exhibition blog updated with new pics (just click on the banner above)
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