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Hi, I'm Mousie and this is my dolls and toys journal.

Or rather it's supposed to be only about dolls, toys and other rubbish I collect but unfortunately I whine about myself from time to time too. It's rarely updated because I can't cope with my life for most of the time. See? I'm already whining ;)

So... a few things about me.
I'm a rubbish collector. I can't live without collecting something :) Now I collect mostly dolls.
I stopped playing with dolls when I was 15 but never forgot about them and over 10 years ago I started buying them again. I collect everything 1:6 scale - fashion dolls, action figures, vehicles, furniture, miniatures and various accessories. I also love clones and knock-offs.

I don't just collect toys. I play with them. My toys have no collectible value so I don't have to worry about removing them from their boxes etc. I don't criticize people who just keep their toys on the shelves and never touch them but for me toys are to be played with.

My problem is I lack any basic handcrafting skills and my poor dollies have no chance to get any new clothes :( I tried to sew but the effects were miserable.

I bought a digital camera just because toys are simply made to be photographed - so photogenic :) Unfortunately my pictures don't look the way I want them to look and there's little chance for improvement but it could be worse ;)

I easily get addicted to things. I'm addicted to watching cartoons, TV series, buying clothes I'll never wear, Internet etc. I can stare at the ceiling for hours in order not to do the things I have to do. I'm a master of procrastination. I love eating and sleeping.

But when I feel like doing something I love playing with toys and talking about dolls for hours.

And that's it for now before I write something more here.

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